2012 Vancouver

Orchard Recovery with Writers In Treatment Presents

Vancouver Edition

October 19-20, 2012

District 319 Art Gallery & Theater
319 Main Street  Vancouver  BC V6A 1K7, Canada



Friday, October 19, 2012

Opening Night Gala

Join us at District 319 for an evening of gourmet cuisine and entertainment, as we kick off an exciting weekend of inspirational films about addiction and RECOVERY.

Opening the festival is the exclusive Canadian premiere of “The Anonymous People,” a Greg Williams film in production aimed at publicizing the emerging Addiction & Recovery Advocacy Movement.

Gala tickets $100


Saturday, October 20, 2012

11:00 AM  


Unguarded (2011) is an ESPN film. Chris Herren was a “can’t miss” basketball superstar with the Denver Nuggets and his beloved Boston Celtics, until drug addiction eventually destroyed his career and almost his life. With the support of his wife and family, Herren struggles to conquer his demons and reclaim his life. Directed by Jonathan Hock. Starring Chris Herren, Rick Pitino and Bill Reynolds.  77 minutes


12:45 PM        

Lipstick and Liquor  

Lipstick and Liquor (2012)  On a cold day in December, 39-year-old Julie Kroll stumbles away from a minor car accident, leaving behind her eight-year old daughter and an open container of alcohol. Darkness descends and she disappears. Where is she? A tantalizing mystery unfolds before your eyes. The documentary Lipstick & Liquor explores the lives of alcoholic women who have embraced sobriety and others not yet ready to commit. Directed by Lori Butterfield. 76 minutes


2:30 PM

The Secret World of Recovery

The Secret World of Recovery (2011) is a documentary that follows the journey of Leslie Glass, a novelist and journalist, and her daughter Lindsey, a screenwriter and columnist, as they travel the country reporting on the changes in treatment and attitudes in recovery. Directed by Leslie Glass. 90 minutes 


4:00 PM   

Lost in Woonsocket

Lost in Woonsocket (2007) is an Official Selection of the Jacksonville Film Festival and the Newport Beach Film Festival. Missing for years from their families, two alcoholics are finally discovered hiding in the woods of Woonsocket, RI when a film crew stumbes upon them. A series of profound coincidences lead to a miraculous reunion with their children, signifying the power of love and forgiveness. Directed by John Chester. 81 minutes


6:45 PM

Beauty Mark

Beauty Mark (2008) talks candidly about the long and agonizing personal struggles of Diane Israel, a Boulder-based psychotherapist and former champion triathlete, with eating disorders and obsessive exercising. Israel confronts her painful past as she comes to terms with America’s unhealthy fixation on self-destructive ideals of beauty and competitiveness. A film by Diane Israel, Carla Precht & Kathleen Man. 51 Minutes 


9:30 PM      

Bill W.      

Bill W. (2012) tells the story of William G. Wilson, co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous with Dr. Bob Smith.  Bill W. was included in TIME Magazine’s “100 Persons of the 20th Century.” Interviews, recreations, and rare archival material reveal how Bill Wilson, a hopeless drunk near death from his alcoholism, found a way out of his own addiction and then forged a path for countless others to follow. Directed by Dan Carracino and Kevin Hanlon. Starring Bill Wilson, Dr. Bob, Lois WIlson, Blake Evans, Ebby Thatcher. 104 minutes


8:15 PM

Spare Change

Spare Change (2004) is a short film about a father estranged from his wife and children. Home alone one afternoon watching his life circle the drain he finds himself drawn into an old friend’s dubious method for redeeming lost souls. “Official Selection” in fourteen films festivals worldwide. Written and directed by Orchard alumni, Steve H. 20 minutes